JJ Whitley Nettle Gin

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JJ Whitley Nettle Gin
JJ Whitley Nettle Gin
JJ Whitley Nettle Gin
JJ Whitley Nettle Gin

A rediscovered British classic inspired by British gardens and hedgerows.

Tasting Notes

JJ Whitley Nettle Gin is a deliciously herbaceous gin that makes a fantastic, fresh and unique G&T with a herby kick. Expect notes of chopped basil, oily juniper, crushed coriander, forest floor and a subtle spark of citrus peels. 
A complex and intriguing gin.

Best with a tonic that isn't overpowering as this gin has such delicate flavours. It has juniper to start on the nose then a strong herbaceous punch from the nettles. Notes of citrus and coriander are bound by a delicate sweetness.



  • Silver - Flavoured Gin Category - 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

    Cocktail Suggestions


    • 50ml JJ Whitley Nettle Gin
    • 100ml Light Tonic water


    1. Pour the gin into a glass filled with ice. Top it with light tonic water and garnish with a lime wedge.


      Bottle Size 70cl
      Country England, UK
      Alcohol content
      Units of Alcohol per single 25ml serving 0.96 units
      Type Spirit - Gin