Verdant Gin

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Verdant Gin
Verdant Gin
Verdant Gin
Verdant Gin
Verdant Gin
Verdant Gin

 Voted Scottish Gin of the Year, Verdant Dry Gin is a refreshingly classic London Dry Gin!

Tasting Notes

Distilled and bottled in small batches in our Dundee distillery, the first in the city for almost 200 years, it combines a carefully curated blend of botanicals from around the globe. Top notes of juniper and bright citrus blend with earthy undertones of spice to produce a strikingly smooth and well-balanced gin.

Packed full of flavour to shine through many of today’s more full-flavoured tonics and mixers, it also has plenty of character to hold its own when used in the hands of the mixologist, adding depth and vitality to both new and traditional cocktail creations.

Our Botanicals

Juniper : The key flavouring in gin, a strongly aromatic berry with a resinous pine note. The name “gin” comes from the Dutch juniper-based spirit “genever” then shortened over the years to “gin”.  We source it from the Baltic countries – a nod to Dundee’s whaling past.

Coriander Seed : A fragrant spice with a hint of orange, grown in India. Coriander tempers the bitter elements in our gin, balancing the final flavour. 

Lemon Peel : The intense flavour of lemon hides in the peel and is released into the gin during distillation. Mediterranean lemons found their way to Dundee via trading links with Spain and Portugal.

Bitter Orange : How could a gin from Dundee, the home of marmalade, not have a hint of bitter orange? Seville orange peel adds a dry, bitter citrus note widely used in orange liqueurs. 

Cassia Bark : One of the oldest recorded spices. Small amounts add an earthy sweetness giving a complex base note and long finish. 

Orris Root : This iris species smells of violets, but adds a soft bitterness and fixes the flavours against changing over time. 

Green Cardamom : Unmistakably perfumed - sweet and warm with a fresh hint of eucalyptus.

Angelica : A tiny addition of the dried root of this plant adds an earthy, musky note for balance.

Liquorice : A natural bitter-sweet flavouring is found in the dried root of a plant related to the pea, and imparts a delicate sweet aniseed note. 

Grains of Paradise were discovered by spice traders in West Africa and bring a peppery spiciness with a hint of ginger to our gin. 



"Little did I know when I moved to Dundee that the man who once owned the house I bought, John Sharp, was the man that built the engine house of Edward Street Mill in 1895. Many years later, when I first set eyes on this little complex of buildings, and saw John Sharp's name at the top of the title deeds, I knew it would be the perfect home for Verdant Spirits. 

Now, after two and a half years of planning, building work, recipe development, packaging design and, oh, lots of red tape, I’m delighted to announce the launch of our first product - Verdant Dry Gin.

I very much hope you will enjoy it as much as we do, and will share our journey of producing a new range of craft spirits that build on the city’s rich industrial and international heritage."  

Andrew Mackenzie - Founder and Managing Director


  • Gin of the Year - Scottish Gin Awards 2017
  • Gold Award - Scottish Gin Awards 2017
  • Gold - 2017 The Gin Masters The Spirits Business


    Bottle Size 70cl
    Country Scotland, UK
    Alcohol content
    Units of Alcohol per single 25ml serving 1.08 units
    Type Spirit - Gin