2005 Krohn Colheita

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2005 Krohn Colheita
2005 Krohn Colheita
2005 Krohn Colheita
2005 Krohn Colheita

Another cracking release from Krohn - whose Colheita ports in particular receive wide acclaim.

Tasting Notes

Krohn Colheita Port has a complex nose of raisins and spices of cloves and nutmeg. Flavours of rich sweet toffee and hazelnut with hints of violets and supple tannins.

Brick red colour. Pronounced nose of sultanas, dried apricot and raspberry, and a touch of spice. The palate is rich and complex with layers of dried fruits, butterscotch, hazelnut, spice and cinnamon. Full and generous on the finish.


Colheita Ports are Tawny Ports from a single year, and specify the vintage on the bottle. A Tawny Port matures for many years in small (600 litre) casks, becoming more complex and taking on a broad, silky mouthfeel and brick-red colour through slight oxidation. They typically age for a minimum of 7 years, but often longer. For the first 10-15 years the casks are racked every year, but this becomes less frequent as they age and throw less sediment. As maturation happens in this way, in barrel rather than in bottle, decanting is not normally required. They are bottled to order and will stay fresh in the bottle for several weeks after opening. Krohn is particularly renowned for the quality of its Colheita Ports.


The winter of 2004, and much of 2005, was very dry - leading to small berries and relatively low vine vigour. However, ripening proceeded well, although more slowly than usual, and the dry conditions were relievd by steady rainfall at the start of September. This enabled the grapes to complete ripening and deliver a well-balanced crop. The wine is matured in wood for at least seven years, and often much longer, as it usually bottled when the wine is due to leave the cellar.


Wiese & Krohn was founded in 1865 by two Norwegians - Theodor Wiese and Dankert Krohn - shipping initially to Scandinavia and Germany. In the century and a half since its foundation, Krohn has built up an outstanding reputation. Long renowned for the quality of their sublime Colheitas (single vintage tawnies), they produce a remarkably complete range for a small house, and each wine excels in its category. Much of the secret lies in the high quality of their vineyards - the magical combination of terroir, locality, aspect, incline and low-yielding vines. Their Quinta do Retiro Novo estate in Sarzedinho, in the Rio Torto valley (where vinification takes place), is all A grade vineyard. Indeed Krohn only work with grapes from A-graded vineyards across all of their ports, and their top wines are still trodden by foot. Since 2013 Krohn has been part of the Fladgate Partnership - alongside Taylor's, Fonseca and Croft.


    Year 2005
    Bottle Size 750ml
    Cultivar Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tinta Barroca
    Country Portugal
    Alcohol content
    20.5% alc vol 
    Units of Alcohol per Bottle 15 units
    Type Red Blend
    Cellaring Potential Fully matured and bottled for your immediate enjoyment. While this wine will sustain some bottle age it is best consumed within 12 months of purchase.
    Allergen Information Contains sulphites
    Food Matches Krohn suggest that this wine benefits from being served slightly chilled (12 - 16ºC). It doesn't need to be decanted , and it's worth noting that colheitas can be enjoyed for a while after opening without losing freshness and vibrancy - optimum drinking time after opening is 2-3 months. Perhaps pair with pecan pie, apple strudel or crème brulée.
    Origin Douro
    Appellation Portugal