2017 Weingut Hajszan Neumann Natural Traminer

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2017 Weingut Hajszan Neumann Natural Traminer

Biodynamic & Vegan Approved

Our lively wines have subtle corners and edges. And it’s good this way, because we love natural, authentic wines. Each one has a characteristic soul, which develops from the natural flavours of the grapes and the terroir. All this comes to fruition thanks to our biodynamic cultivation. We also work gently and reductively in the wine cellar.

Tasting Notes

Piquant and firm on the palate, this full-bodied Traminer is rich, tight and powerful but also finessed. The wine opens with a pure, spicy and aromatic bouquet of apricots and roses. Months of skin-on fermentation result in a strong flavour profile and delightful orange wine.

The Winemaker and Winemaking

Hajszan Neumann Natural Traminer is a natural, biodynamic and organic orange wine made with the Traminer variety by Hajszan Neumann in Weinland Österreich, in the heart of Vienna (Austria). Hajszan Neumann is synonymous with quality Austrian white wines. Wines which are made in the city of Vienna itself, in the Grinzing district and which defend biodynamic precepts.

Managed by the prestigious winemaker Fritz Wieninger, this winery produces fresh, elegant and very expressive wines. Hajszan Neumann Natural Traminer originates from vineyards located at the foot of Nussberg, a mountain composed of limestone, clay and high chalk content soils. According to anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner, 100% biodynamic agriculture is practiced and the harvest is hand-selected after a meticulous selection process.

In the cellar, the crushed grapes for making Hajszan Neumann Natural Traminer ferment in concrete eggs with their skins, without any additives, for 5 months. The wine is then separated from the skins and racked in used 500-liter barrels for 6 weeks. It's bottled without clarifying or filtering. Made with the indigenous red and yellow Traminer varieties, Hajszan Neumann Natural Traminer is presented as an urban orange wine which is also sustainable. A very natural wine made in an authentic urban environment.


Year 2017
Bottle Size 750ml
Cultivar Traminer (Mash-fermented Traminer - 50% red Traminer, 50% yellow Traminer)
Country Austria
Alcohol content
12.5% alc vol 
Units of Alcohol per Bottle 9.38 units
Type Orange Wine
Cellaring Potential Awaiting info
Allergen Information Contains Sulphites
Dietary Information
Biodynamic and Vegan & Vegetarian approved
Food Matches Mushrooms, Oriental dishes, Roasted Pork
Origin Vienna