2018 Gavi DOCG Antario

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2018 Gavi DOCG Antario
2018 Gavi DOCG Antario
2018 Gavi DOCG Antario
2018 Gavi DOCG Antario

Nobody knows with certainty when humans began to grow vines, but we do that for thousands of years they have looked to the sky and stars for guidance in making the best choices. Antario takes its name from Antares, the brightest star of the Scorpio constellations, and is a selection of iconic wines coming from the best vineyards in Piedmont.

Tasting Notes

Intense bouquet, fresh fruity palate, with a complex finish, reminiscent of almonds.


Selected vineyards grown on the hills fo Monferrato, between 250 and 450 meters above sea level, a geographical area located in the south-eastern corner of Piedmont which is a physical and geological frontier where the great plain and the mountain, the alluvial soils and outcrops of remote eras meet. As Cortese grapes are not naturally rich in sugars, the yield is limited to a maximum of 70-80q/ha in order to preserve the balance of the wine.


The grapes are de-stemmed and immediately soft pressed in pneumatic presses and separated from the skins. Selected yeasts are added to start fermentation quickly. Fermentation is complete, the wine is racked then kept on its fine less until the end of January. Malolactic is not carried out in order to retain optimum acidity and freshness. In order to preserve maximum freshness, the wine's temperature is kept constantly low.


Year 2018
Bottle Size 750ml
Cultivar 100% Cortese
Country Italy
Alcohol content  12%
Units of Alcohol per Bottle
9 units
Type White Wine
Food Matches

Excellent as aperitif or paired with hors d’oeuvres and vegetable first courses. Perfect also as accompaniment to seafood.

Cellaring Potential 1 years
Allergen Information Contains sulphites
Origin Gavi DOCG