BOË Scottish Violet Gin

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BOË Scottish Violet Gin
BOË Scottish Violet Gin
BOË Scottish Violet Gin
BOË Scottish Violet Gin
BOË Scottish Violet Gin
BOË Scottish Violet Gin

Lovingly created in small batches under the watchful eye of our Master Distiller, where rare hand-picked botanicals and spices are infused in the finest neutral grain spirit, liberating the full flavour of triple-filtered Boë Gin, creating a high-class gin.

Tasting Notes

In the year 1658 world-renowned Professor Franz de la Boë gently infused a clear grain spirit with hand-picked juniper berries while painstakingly searching for a medicinal tonic. Franz de la Boë invented the world's first GIN!

Our award-winning Boë Scottish Gin is infused with violets to create Boë Violet Gin. The addition of violets creates a stylish gin with a light, delicate taste and beautiful colour and aroma. Enjoy with tonic, in a cocktail or with the mixer and accompaniment of your choice.

Cocktail Suggestions

  • 1x Copa Glass
  • 35ml Boë Violet Gin
  • 25ml Port
  • 1x Rose lemonade
  • Garnish - Cubed ice, Sliced apple


  1. Add ice to large highball or Copa wine glass
  2. Build all of the ingredients into the glass and top with rose lemonade
  3. Garnish with sliced apple, stir and serve

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Bottle Size 70cl
Country Scotland
Alcohol content
Units of Alcohol per single 25ml serving 1.04 units per single serving
Type Spirit - Gin