Sister Isles PX

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Sister Isles PX
Sister Isles PX
Sister Isles PX
Sister Isles PX
Sister Isles PX
Sister Isles PX

Tasting Notes

Notes of figs, raisins, cocoa, tobacco, coconut, and almonds are to be found on the palate. A lovely rum with a soft finish due to the Pedro Ximenez barrels. Enjoy straight up or on the rocks.


The Haciendas Rhum Company use molasses of the highest quality for this triple aged rum.

After distillation and ageing in the Caribbean for more than 6 years, the rum then has 2-4 years extra-ageing in red wine barrels in Ribera de Duero. Finished with 6 months in Pedro Ximenez oak barrels at Montilla in the South of Spain. 

Why the 'Sister Isles'?

The Isles of St Kitts and Nevis, two tiny green islands, lying so close together that they merge in the distance. Discovered and ‘twined’ by Columbus when sailing west in pursuit of his dream after raising the funds from the Kingdom of Spain at Hacienda Zorita more than 500 years ago.


Sister Isles Rhum is a story that began more than 500 years ago, right at the same place where it ends today.

It all started in 1486 at Hacienda Zorita, in Duero Valley, a former monastery, residence of the Dominican monks, where Columbus got the funding for his trip.

And right there, in the abbey that witnessed this encounter, is where the rhum from the isles of St Kitts & Nevis comes back to rest in the oak barrels where their finest wines were aged before.

Named "Rhum" with the inclusion of the “h” of Hacienda!


Bottle Size 70cl
Country St. Kitts & Nevis and Spain
Alcohol content
45% alc vol 
Units of Alcohol per single serving 25ml 1.13 units
Type Spirit - Rum
Origin St Kitts & Nevis, West Indies; Ribera du Duero and Montilla.
Allergen Information Awaiting info
Dietary Information Awaiting info


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