Tanqueray Sevilla

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Tanqueray Sevilla Gin

Tasting Notes

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla is a unique distilled gin made with Sevilla orange essences and other fine botanicals. Inspired by Charles Tanqueray’s original recipes and the ripening oranges growing on the trees in sun-drenched SEVILLE, the result is a perfect balance of the uniquely bittersweet taste of Seville oranges balanced with the complexity of Tanqueray London Dry Gin. Best served with Premium tonic and a squeezed wedge of orange.

The Bottle

Its iconic bottle shape is inspired by a three-part cocktail shaker made famous during Prohibition’s classic cocktail movement in the "Roaring 1920s." The pineapple fruit, which was once considered so exotic that it became the ultimate symbol of hospitality in 1830s England, featured in the Tanqueray family crest and it adorns every bottle from the Tanqueray Distilling Company.


  • Silver at The Flavoured Gin - 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition


    Bottle Size 70cl
    Country England, UK
    Alcohol content
    Units of Alcohol per single 25ml serving 1.03 units
    Type Spirit - Gin


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