About Us

Storytelling through wine ...

When I started my wine trade career back in 1982, two things fascinated me – and still continue to fascinate me to this day. Firstly, the increasing range of amazing and different wines from around the world that are available to purchase in the UK, and secondly, the way that people choose their wine purchases. It delights me that there are so many stories attached to each wine.

A story connected to the vineyard – and how that vineyard interacts with the bio-diversity around it; a story around the soil and the geological history of the vineyard site; and a broader story around the wine region and country. There may also be a story around the vineyard manager and the practices he adopts to look after and maximise his crop. 

Often there is a story which weaves its way around the winery where the wine is made and of course, a story about the winemaker who makes it! There will be a story around the parameters set by the local agricultural code and local/national government guidelines.

Then the marketeers get involved with a brand story and history.

Finally, there is my story! I have a connection with every single product on my list. I may have picked grapes in the vineyard, I may have worked with the winemaker in the winery, I may have worked for the company that owned the winery, or worked for the importer or distributor. Or, the importer/ distributor may be a friend! One thing I can assure you, is that I personally guarantee every product on my site, and I have tasted and approved all products before offering them for sale.

Then there is YOUR story, what you think of the wine, when you drank it, who you drank it with, and what was discussed over the bottle!! Please feel free to review our products and contribute to the story!!

I have set up Vino Fandango to help YOU, the consumer, navigate their way through the vast range of wines we have available in the UK. We understand how daunting it can be when browsing the supermarket aisles, wine shop shelves, or merchant’s brochures. We will give you as much information that we can about each product, tell you as many stories as we know about each product and guide you through our range with easy navigation.

We will aim to guide and educate you with snippets of info and blogs throughout the coming months/years. Keep your eyes on our website, our social media pages, and your inbox for details.

To keep you up to date with what’s happening in the wine world we will introduce new products as we find them, and from time to time we will offer pre-selected themed mixed cases for your enjoyment.

Although I have launched Vino Fandango as an online presence, there are many strands to the Business Plan, all designed to help YOU, the consumer, to increase your knowledge and make more educated choices in your wine drinking. Keep your eye on our platforms to keep an eye on our plans.

Similarly, if you have any questions or ideas on how I can develop your wine knowledge and wine drinking repertoire, then please drop me a line at alan@vinofandango.co.uk. or, if you are ever in our area, do come and visit us at our hut at Cultybraggan Camp, Crieff in Scotland!


Alan Chapman