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The differences can be confusing but we hope this explanation will help: an Organic wine is a wine made from grapes that have been grown without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticides; a Biodynamic wine means that the grapes are farmed biodynamically and that the winemaker did not make the wine with any common manipulations such as yeast additions or acidity adjustments; and a Sustainable Producer is someone committed to using methods that reduce soil erosion, pesticide dependency and loss of biodiversity (for example providing owl boxes and raptor perches in vineyards to maintain ecological control of mice!).

The type of fining agent used in creating wine will determine whether it is awarded Vegan-Friendly status (no animal-derivative agent is used i.e. the winemaker may use Bentonie Clay) or Vegetarian-Friendly status (the use of egg white or casein - a milk product) or neither (where gelatin, isinglass or chitosan may be used). 

A Sulphite free wine? Unfortunately, there is no true sulphite free wine” or “sulphur free wine” as very low levels are naturally produced during fermentation. But for those of you sensitive to sulphur, we suggest trying a Natural, Organic or Biodynamic wine who's 'sulphite-status' is lower than most. 

Natural wine is wine made with minimal chemical and technological intervention, both in growing grapes and making them into wine. The term is used to distinguish such wine from organic wine and biodynamic wine because of differences in cellar practices. So there we go - now you are in the know!

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