The Lost Mexican Gift Pack

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The Lost Mexican Gift Pack

A perfect Secret Santa or Stocking stuffer for the tequila lover!

Tasting Notes

The set includes 5cl Blanco Agave, 5cl Cafe Agave, 5cl Reposado:

Reposado Agave - El Presidente

Loved by presidents, leaders, and captains of industry, and now sitting as the pinnacle in the Lost Mexican range. The Reposado is a fitting epitaph to the life’s work of one of the early Cornish miners to venture to Mexico.

By 1870, Stanley Kiernan, the son of a Penzance distiller, was the last of a ragtag bunch of miners who had set sail from Cornwall and made their home in Central Mexico. He had spent decades playing with local flavours to create the world’s first range of Cornish-made Mezcal.

Now an old man and as much a Mexican as he ever was a Cornishman, he would take a bottle of his best Reposado up to the Panteón Inglés, where his compatriots lay.

With a wry smile on his weathered face as the memories of their exploits stirred in his mind, he would sit among their tombstones, all facing towards Kernow, and raise a glass to his old friends and their transatlantic adventures.

 Reposado Agave

Café Agave - Mezcal Barrel Coffee Kick

By 1846, Cornish miners had been working in the silver mines of Mexico for twenty years. Knit-frocks and flat caps had been replaced with ponchos and sombreros, whilst sea shanties rang out from the tavernas each evening.

Penzance-born distiller Stanley Kiernan was now famous for his succulent alchemy. His most celebrated concoction, locally known as El Café Del Monte, used agave with vanilla and coffee beans.

Each day, a pasty now spiced with chilli and a ration of El Café was sent down the mineshaft to be met with cries of ¡Yeghes Da Amigos!

Cafe Agave

The Best Shot in Cornwall - Blanco Agave

In early 1825, Stanley Kiernan, the son of a Penzance distiller, set sail from Falmouth with around 60 of his fellow Cornishmen and 1500 tons of mining machinery. They arrived in Mineral del Monte, Mexico, in May 1826, where they immediately set to work resurrecting the region’s derelict silver mines.

Before too long, the mines were up and running, the pasty was the new staple in town, and Stanley fashions a basic still out of damaged mining equipment. With the help of the locals and their succulent botanicals, he starts to experiment, and on that windswept hill in central Mexico, the world’s first Cornish-made mezcal is born – a recipe lost in time until now…

Blanco Agave


    Bottle Size 3 x 5cl
    Country Cornwall
    Alcohol content
    Blanco Agave 40% Cafe Agave 35% Reposado 40% ABV
    Units of Alcohol per single serving 25ml 1 unit per serving
    Type Spirit - Agave